Air conditioning split systems vs ducted

Kiama Air Conditioning will assist you in selecting an air conditioner unit that is energy-efficient and right for your home or office. We recommend you hire the services of an air conditioning specialist prior to purchase to ensure you choose the right system for your home.

Single Type Air-condition — Kiama Air Conditioning in Albion Park Rail, NSW

Single Split System

Suitable for: Heating and cooling rooms or small units.

The perfect size for your small apartment or single room. Streamlined wall-mounted and unobtrusive floor-standing units are available to suit your requirements. We have a diverse range of models available from heating and cooling only to reverse cycle (Cool air for summer, warm for winter) with some models offering the option of smartphone controls.

Multiple Split System

Suitable for: Heating or cooling 2–5 rooms in homes or offices that aren’t suitable for ducted air conditioning.

Control the climate in multiple areas at once using only one outdoor unit. Each indoor unit can be operated individually—meaning each control panel has its own wireless remote and keypad to adjust the temperature and airflow.

Split Type Air-condition — Kiama Air Conditioning in Albion Park Rail, NSW
Ducted Type Air-condition — Kiama Air Conditioning in Albion Park Rail, NSW

Ducted System

Suitable for: Large homes or commercial offices with multiple rooms.

No need for unsightly units attached to the wall, air conditioning is controlled through one central panel connected by ducts to air outlets. Most systems feature the ability for your home or office to be divided into zones, choosing the areas you want switched on/off. E.g.; turning the living area zone off at night, while keeping the bedrooms switched on.

Ducted systems should be designed especially for your home or office.

AirTouch Smart Zoning

We install a range of AirTouch Smart Air Conditioning systems paired with our ducted aircon systems.

Control up to 16 different zones throughout your home with ease from your Mobile or Tablet device with AirTouch. Everyone can enjoy their own ideal temperature for the room they’re in, and unused zones can be turned off to conserve energy and save money.

AirTouch is combination of Leisure, Convenience and Luxury as it gives you the ability to control the system anytime, anywhere from your Mobile or Tablet.

AirTouch is also compatible with voice activated smart assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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